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Coastal Distillery

Coastal Distillery is family-run business that makes a range of artisan spirits including gins, vodkas, liqueurs, hybrid spirits and more.

Our stills are in a working print house, so close to the shore we can hear the waves crashing in and feel the wind blowing off the North Sea whenever we open the door.

We use modern, energy efficient stills and the latest technology to make our spirits. Getting things right is important to us – from painstakingly developing our flavours through to carefully labelling, capping and sealing each bottle.

Inspiration comes from our location and our background. The Lincolnshire coast is part of who we are, and we reflect that in our crown product, Coastal Gin. With a unique blend of seven botanicals including sea buckthorn berries, blackberries and bladderwrack seaweed, there’s a hint of the coast in every glass.

Meanwhile, our Dam Raider Gin is a tribute to the RAF units stationed in Lincolnshire during World War II – in particular the Dambusters of 617 Squadron. When we released it in 2017, sales took off and it’s now one of the most popular niched gins in the UK.

Coastal Distillery is the UK importer of Missouri Ridge Bourbon, with its rich flavour and outstandingly smooth finish, and we are always conceiving interesting new spirits from our distillery on the North Sea coast.

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