Fine spirits
by the sea

Situated in a working print house, Coastal Distillery is just a few hundred metres from a golden beach on Lincolnshire’s beautiful North Sea coast.

We can hear the roar of the waves and feel the wind rattling in the rafters whenever those elemental forces of land and sea clash in their eternal struggle.

Whitecaps rolling in, the feel of soft sand underfoot, the glorious flora and fauna of the unspoilt coast they inspire what we do and how we do it.

Founded in 2017, Coastal Distillery is a family-run business.

Lincolnshire coast sand dunes
Genio stills
Coastal Distillery printworks and factory

Invention and renewal

Over the centuries, the people on this coast have seen farms and villages taken by the sea. We’ve seen the rise and decline of Grimsby’s great fishing fleet. But resilience and endeavour are part of who we are.

The sea wall has been here since Roman times and our communities have always stood strong, finding ways to innovate, adapt and rise again. Today, the area is being revitalised by new ventures for example in offshore wind energy, specialised farming and innovative new local businesses.

We’re one of them. Energised by this spirit of invention, at Coastal Distillery we use 21st century technology to craft premium-quality spirits that are enjoyed all over Britain.

Sustainable distilling

We take an unashamedly modern approach to distilling. Imported from Poland, our GENIO stills use cutting edge digital technology to give us complete control of the distillation process. It’s also far more energy efficient than conventional copper pots.

This is complemented with a range of bespoke equipment enabling us to prepare ingredients, create infusions, filter, bottle, cap and label our spirits on site, ready to be shipped.

All our ingredients are responsibly sourced, and the Coastal approach to flavour is exacting and imaginative. We take our time, testing and iterating until we’re certain the taste is perfect.